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A video creation service to help you and your customers by delivering custom videos to compliment your existing documentation.

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Free 7 day trial. One video guaranteed.


Seriously. One free video guaranteed. Why we believe in the free trial...

We are confident that once given the chance to show how helpful VidKit can be for you and your customers, that you'll continue to use our services.

When you first join VidKit, we give you the opportunity to receive one free custom knowledge base video created specifically for you and your customers. Just send us which article you'd like to have a video version created, and we will send it to you before your free trial ends. If you don't feel like VidKit will work for you, you still get to keep the video. No questions asked.

How does VidKit work?

We take your existing help articles, knowledge base posts, and even existing how-to videos or illustrations and turn them into ready to publish videos for you to use as you please.

Docs to Vid

Once you subscribe to a plan, you're able to request as many videos as you'd like. We will take your existing documentation and send you a fully edited video in 5 business days. If it's not up to your standards, don't worry. We will continue to revise the video until it's ready for you to use.

Get started without a single meeting.

Unless you really want one.

After signing up, we create a Trello board for you to manage your video requests. Just give us the link to the help article you'd like for us to base the video on and we will do the rest. After we decide together on a final version of the video, you'll get the HD version to download and use as you wish.

Giving you back time in your busy day.

Instead of hiring an additional content creator or giving extra work to your team, let us at VidKit do what we do best. Creating quality videos to help you and your customers.

Invite the entire team.

Invite your support team, marketing team, and whoever else would like to be added to create, review or revise video requests.

Videos you're not ashamed to share.

Once delivered, you'll be able to use VidKit created videos across all of your marketing channels, no VidKit specific branding added.

Use existing source files.

If you already have video stings, graphics, or branding guidelines specific to videos, we use them. If you don't have them, we can create them for you for a one-time cost.

Pause or cancel any time.

You can pause your membership and resume whenever you'd like at the price-point you originally purchased.

The why

Learning isn't the same for everyone.

We created VidKit because we truly believe that each of your customers should have access to learn in the way that is best fit for them.

As visual learners, one of the easiest wins you can give for your customers, potential customers, and to your team is to help your users before they even realize they need help.

There is now more content available to you than ever before.

So when a surplus of content becomes available, how do you cut through the noise so that your customers find the information they are looking for the first time around?

After years of trial and error, the VidKit team knows exactly how to cater to the different learning needs of your customers through short and concise videos.

No longer will you be answering emails linking to lengthy support documentation only to just describe over the course of the next few days exactly what the documentation explains.

VidKit solves this problem by providing multiple ways to receive the same information. Customers who would have helped themselves have yet another way to learn information, and your customers who prefer to learn through videos will find exactly what they are looking for.

Videos when you need them.

Find a video creation plan that's right for you so that you can better serve your customers while focusing on the needs of your business.

Pause or cancel your plan at any time. No setup fees. Free 7 day trial included.

Quarterly billing (Save up to 25%, billed upfront)

Starter Kit

Most popular

$1,995 /month

The plan for most startups and businesses.

  • Unlimited requests.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Invite the whole team.
  • HD video files provided.
  • 1 video request completed at a time.
  • 2 minute video limit.
  • 5 business day standard turnaround.
Try VidKit Purchase quarterly subscription.

Pro Kit

$3,495 /month

The plan for additional needs with faster turnaround times.

  • All Standard Kit features.
  • 2 video requests completed at a time.
  • Variety of export sizes and aspect ratios for social media (TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Subtitled videos created and .SRT files provided.
  • 5 minute video limit.
  • 3 business day turnaround guaranteed.
Try VidKit Purchase quarterly subscription.


The plan for dedicated video creation and features not listed.

  • Custom videos for marketing and other channels.
  • One feature-length tutorial or multi-lesson course per month.
  • No need for existing documentation.
  • 1 business day turnaround.
  • Real-time Slack communication.
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Lite Kit

Get full access to VidKit with a limit of one video request completed per month for only $495/mo.

Frequently asked questions

Not sure if VidKit is right for you and your team? Book a call with us and we will talk it through.

How do I request a video?
After signing up, you'll have your own Trello board setup to manage all requests. Any branding, existing video stings, or anything else you'd like to see in your videos can be added per request.
What if I only have a need for one video?
VidKit Lite would be the perfect solution for you. You can always cancel after one month of access, as well!
How many people will be creating my videos?
VidKit is actually an agency of one person which means you'll work directly with me, the founder of VidKit. This allows me to ensure that the quality of video remains as high as possible for every single client.

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